A credit rating or equity recommendation from Riskontrol Consultants (Bombay) Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Riskontrol”) is not a recommendation or opinion that is intended to substitute for a financial adviser's or investor's independent assessment of whether to lend money, extend credit in any form or buy, sell or hold any financial products. The rating is a statement of opinion derived objectively through our software from public information about the relevant entity. This information and the related corporate ratings and related analysis provided in the reports by Riskontrol do not represent an offer to trade in securities. The research information contained therein is an objective and independent reference source, which should be used in conjunction with other information in forming the basis for an investment or credit decision. Riskontrol believes that all of its reports are based on reliable data and information or based on information provided to us by the party requesting the analysis, but Riskontrol has not verified this or obtained an independent verification to this effect.

Riskontrol provides no guarantee with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the data relied upon, nor the conclusions derived from the data. Each rating is a relative, probabilistic assessment of the credit risk of the relevant entity and its potential to meet financial obligations. It is not a statement that default will or will not occur given that circumstances change and management can adopt new strategies. Reports have been prepared at the request of, and for the purpose of, the subscribers to our credit and/or composite risk rating service only, and neither Riskontrol nor any of our employees accept any responsibility on any ground whatsoever, including liability in negligence, to any other person. Finally, Riskontrol and its employees accept no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential loss of any kind arising from the use of its ratings and rating research in any way whatsoever, unless Riskontrol is negligent in misinterpreting or manipulating the data, in which case, our maximum liability to our client is the amount of our fee for the report.


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