Banks and financial institutions with a large consumer credit portfolio will find our CreditWizMini (CWM) package very useful. Consumer Credit is a small ticket, large volume business primarily for financing white-goods, automobiles, homes, motor-cycles, etc. Given the very competitive pricing that generally prevails in this market, it is very necessary that overhead costs be kept low without compromising on the quality of decision- making. Senior, more expensive lending officers cannot be assigned the task of evaluating such small loans. To do that would be to increase the cost of processing. Yet, the bank cannot afford loan delinquencies beyond a point. That would be disastrous. An "expert system" designed specifically to meet the needs of an organization then becomes the need of the day. Such a system has to be based on a study of the local environment and must be capable of profiling the borrower. This means it has to incorporate the inputs received from the bank’s senior management, the available empirical data on defaults and the local cultural ethos. The last of these determines life-styles, spending habits and value systems. All these have a bearing on the ability and willingness to service the loan obligations. The system also has to have an option to support, if required, the post-disbursal monitoring process for the bank and allow for the creation of a database and provide for data mining. In short, the credit scoring system has to be customized to meet the user’s needs.

CWM is in a position to do precisely this. It is on a Visual Basic platform and has a modular construction. Given this architecture, our software team can customize the package to meet your requirements. It can be installed on a desktop or a LAN. The package can be tailored to create its own database or it can link to any existing ODBC compliant database. The database and data mining options can be provided to generate MIS reports in required formats for senior management, monitor the health of the portfolio at any given moment in time and provide valuable inputs for continuous fine tuning of the credit guideposts.

CWM draws on various studies conducted over the last six decades on consumer lending worldwide. It incorporates the experiences of not only banks but also large retailers and consumer durable/automobile financing companies. It is user-friendly, contains all the advanced features of similar software used by leading international banks and has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of banks irrespective of the size of their operations. In other words, CWM will provide your bank the leading-edge technology in the area of consumer lending in a cost-effective and efficient manner. It will considerably ease the pressures of managing a large consumer loan portfolio spread over many branches. The software has the capacity to handle multiple concurrent users and can be given a very large backend database capability. It can, therefore, very easily, handle your existing consumer portfolio with plenty of space for growth in the years to come.