Corporate Training for Banks & Financial Institutions in the Functional Area of Credit.

To meet the challenges of the Basel II regime’ and the ever increasing competition in the banking industry, banks would need to put in place more sophisticated systems to fend off the competition from large MNC banks. Banks will need to go in for a paradigm shift - innovative marketing, efficient and customer-friendly operating systems, well thought out risk acceptance criteria, good credit policy and procedure, sophisticated evaluation methodology to evaluate and price credits and sound credit supervision systems.

Banking is a service industry and, for all this to happen, banks will need to put training programs in place to train their staff and get them ready for the new challenges. As consultants and trainers in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Investment) vertical, we are well equipped to handle these tasks and advise the banks and other organizations in this space appropriately.

Two training programs for Basel II and risk measurement have been structured. One is a short, two-day program on credit risk measurement and credit derivatives. The second is a longer, five-day program on various aspects of Basel II. Both these programs make use of our proprietary models to give the participants a hands-on understanding of the subject. These programs could be suitably tweaked to meet the specific local requirements and could be expanded to include training in treasury operations. Detailed outlines of these two programs are available on request.