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We are a firm of management consultants that focuses on Risk Management, Basel- II and Solvency II issues and Corporate Training in the area of Credit. Our focus is credit, operational and underwriting risks but we also provide advisory services in the area of market risk and undertake financial and remedial management consultancies. We concentrate on credit risk as, historically, this risk has accounted for around 80% of losses suffered by BFSI organizations worldwide.


We have researched corporate financial data of over 32,500 quoted companies from 48 countries and spent, to date, over seventy R&D man-years to develop a suite of products (see Products listed on the right side of this webpage).

This software suite equips players in the financial services industry meet, comprehensively, the regulatory requirements pertaining to credit risk and Basel II. The solutions are designed with specific target groups in mind. For example, variants of CreditWiz+ address the credit evaluation requirements for SME, middle-market and corporate credits while CreditWizVar has been designed for players in the quoted fixed income securities market. CreditWizMini is designed to meet the requirements of lenders in the consumer credit segment. BankWiz provides a basis for statistically determining a bank’s rating based on its financials and the operating environment. InsuWiz is designed to assist Insurance Companies meet Solvency II norms. These products are continually upgraded through R&D and industry studies.

We have the necessary algorithms and the software for Operational Risk (OR) and are in a position to offer OR solutions too. However, OR is a fairly new concept and considered esoteric by many organizations. The empirical data required to implement these solutions is not readily available and, in most cases, requires innovative approaches to data mining.

In conclusion, we wish to reiterate that senior bankers with extensive international experience have designed these products. They embody the best industry practices and safeguards. The packages are user-friendly, contain the latest features of similar software used by leading international banks, mutual funds, trading organizations, financial institutions, pension funds, etcetera and are designed to improve the risk management processes within an organization.


We offer the following services:

1. Risk Evaluation Services.
Our very incisive software for credit evaluation of credits, CreditWiz+, is available to our customers as a service under what is known as the “Software As A Service” concept. To know more about this service click here.

2. Arranging Funds for Companies by way of Credit Facilities or Equity.
We assist and guide our corporate clients to raise funds. For details click here.

3. Assisting Banks and Financial Services Companies in their Client Acquisition Programs.
Our consultants work closely with banks and financial institutions to design a client acquisition program that would be in consonance with their corporate objectives (click here for more information).

4. Corporate Training for Banks & Financial Institutions in the Functional area of Credit.
Banks will have to gear themselves up to meet the challenges of Basel II Accord. We provide the necessary training to banking personnel to enable them meet these challenges through well thought out and structured training programs.

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